Beetham Tower: Four suspects were released under investigation after Manchester hotel attack - TNBC UK

After a woman was terribly attacked in Manchester, in a hotel, five suspects got immediately arrested and were released under investigation.

A woman only of 20-years-old was treated for neck laceration after the attack in the Beetham Tower at Hilton on Deansgate. Suspects of this murder are three men, a 17-years-old girl and a woman got arrested on Monday. However, under investigate, four of them have been released. Expect a 20-years-old man, who retained in police custody for further questioning.

One of the released men aged approx 24 and two of them aged 26 and the woman was only 20 year.

The victim woman was attacked on Monday around 11:10 BST inside the hotel. The officers and hotel management were thrown outside the Beetham Tower. The victim later got discharged from hospital after going through the terrible attack.

Greater Manchester Police reported that officers are still continuing the investigation, and demanded more data to identify the strangers.

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