Once the famous artist Pablo Picasso called painting  “a sum of destructions”. The unsourced British graffiti artist. As well as popular instigator Banksy acknowledged that Picasso was in his mind during his pulling off the most memorable artistic stunt in years.

As most of the people are known about the “Girl with Balloon” of Banky is a spray painting on the canvas and after coming down a hammer on it at the contemporary art auction in London it has been self-destructed. In the Frieze week, while the collectors gathered from all around the world on the central London for attending the Fridge art fair, the auction was held.

While the alarm ringing in the auction room, the “Girl With Balloon” had just sold at $1.4. The canvas promptly started to slide down inside the frames, surfacing and stripping at being shredded by a mechanism of remote control on the back of the frame.

This Banksy achieved Kudos for this occurrence. The brilliant tricks to spin at the art-world BS, gawking media and wealthy collectors. It seemed like a pre-plan such as exhibiting own works in an auction, observe the bidding for your work which is equivalent to auction record and while hammer will come down making it self-destruct.

Picasso was exact, according to him destruction and creation are intertwisted. Banksy wrote in his Instagram account, “ The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” quoting Picasso. In 1931, Joan Miro said, “ I intend to destroy, destroy everything that exists in painting.”

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