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The bride was trying to keep her mind calm during the mishappening on the previous night of her wedding. At the rehearsal, the priest skidded and fell down on the pebbles of a road. She was injured severely and her ankle got affected with inflammation. Therefore she had been taken to the hospital in a rush from the remote wedding destination in Camden, Ohio. Later she would have the operation.

In a  wedding ceremony including 100 person, Andy Schneck and Kelsey Schneck of 29 had felt that their planned wedding had been twisted due to this incident.

Kelsey Schneck  said, “ I did not want her to be hurt, but in the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘ Oh my gosh, what am I going to do?’ I have been planning this for a year.”

Schneck had appointed the women nine months ago after huge searching on the internet, and the bride and groom had met with her for multiple times, so she could be able to state their love story at their wedding date on September 1st.

Schneck said, “ I thought, I am not getting married tomorrow.” At the same time, a delivery boy came from City Barbeque with dinner offerings. The bride replied him she required a minute as her officiant got injured and she became completely blank about the happening of her wedding.

When the food delivery guy Emmanuel Manny Morales of 35 told her that he is an officiant, the bride thought that he was joking.

But he informed that he was really an officiant and replied to the question of the bride that he will be free tomorrow at  4 o’clock.

The truth is as a events coordinator of City Barbeque he had another appointment for an event following the day. But as the couple seemed to him very pleasing he decided to help them remember his own marriage before 10 years and now he is a parent of five children

The bride’s father wanted to be sure whether he is really an officiant or not as Morales makes the arrangements in Barbeque for the guests. But he replied the old man that after filling a quick form and becoming decreed as a minister, he had performed two weddings in the last summer in Ohio.

Morales said, “ We bonded for, like 20 minutes and he asked me my religious background. I am Christian but I don’t go to any church particularly. I feel like you should not have to go to church to prove yourself to another person. I believe in the Christian philosophy you should do good things every day. ”

In fact, Morales stated that his friends and family often get irritated to him as he used to go so far completely out of his path to help the people.

He came to know from the script about the journey of love between the couple and the initial worries between them. Then he stated how they love to make food for each other and how their bonding grows to be silly together.

Kelsey Schneck said, “ He really saved the day and really did it well.”

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