On Thursday, officers replied to people’s armed report that took place about 22:45 BST in Lascelles Close, Leytonstone.
After that serious incident took place, a car did not stop for the officer, who was in the searching mood.
Scotland Yard reports, “a number of shots were fired towards officers,” and in reply to that police also fired. Armed police succeed in arresting three suspects.
A representative of Metropolitan Police disclosed that the arrest was based on suspicion regarding the murder attempt. The trio suspects had been taken to Police Station at east London and retained in police custody.

The spokesman further said, “The Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed as is routine.”

Armed police were re-targeted at a chase in London | UK.tnbclive.com

The officers in the capital are represented by the Metropolitan Police Federation, “the dangers our members face,” reports the shooting highlights.

Photo Credit: BBC

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