Along with Heavy Rain and 70 mph Winds Strom Diana to hit UK - TNBC UK

Strom Diana is set to cause heavy rain and gentle wind of up to 70 mph to the UK today. Following the powerful winds arrival, the met office emerged yellow weather warnings for the western parts of the country. In the partial areas, the storm could bring between 60mm to 80mm of rain in some areas. It is assumed to move quite rapidly, although the showers are likely to continue firmly.

Temperatures are forecasted to be mild, with 15C highs possible in the Southeast tomorrow and today – about 5C(9F) above average for the time of the year. Portuguese weather service IPMA named this storm Diana which threatened the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic ocean.

Strom Diana which follows a recent sunny spell and cold in the UK comes as hundreds of flights have been detained and cancelled due to thick fog dropped on the South East.

Due to stormy weather 62 flights to be cancelled from Heathrow and 380 to be hindered by more than 15 minutes.

The major interrupted journeys were British Airways services, with the carrier dismissing 45 programmed flights including 237 delayings.

The representative from Heathrow said, “This morning’s heavy fog has led to reduced visibility across all London airports which may result in some passengers experiencing disruption to their journeys today. Passengers are advised to check their flight status with their airline before coming to Heathrow. As always, our top priority is the safety of passengers and we apologise to those whose travel has been affected by today’s weather.”

The conditions also generated delays to trains providing Gatwick.

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