After Tooth Surgery , Woman Sent on Life Support and Dies Days Later - TNBC UK

A specifically-abled woman lost her life in the UK after a dental operation by a dentist at an NHS trust which is criticised for the irresponsible and drastic treatment methodology through which the dentist uprooted all the teeth of the patient.

In October, Rachel Johnson experienced a severe operation due to the necessity of severe tooth degradation. The methodology was applied by the community of den5tal service in Worcestershire.

But the 49 years old patient’s condition had been more vulnerable to live after her discharge and she had to depend on the life-support machine in a hospital for her last hours. The medical team could not do any more for saving her before her family.

Two more families except this drastic case have informed that they are worried about the irresponsible services while their sons also had to go through the similar kind of extreme treatment without their knowledge.

Both cases reveal a shocking treatment methodology of the NHS Trust as the patient who has few dental problems and to remove a small number of teeth, had been left with no teeth while they discharged from the operating theatre.

The authority of Health and Care NHS Trust who runs the dental service claimed that it pursued the right procedures for the vulnerable patients, while the three Worcestershire clinical commissioning groups are inspecting the death of Johnston.

Campaigners have said they are often informed about inferior communication between vulnerable patients and their families, and that dentists should meddle earlier for avoiding extraction of every tooth from the person’s mouth.

Sarah Coleman from Mencap, a charity based trust in the UK which works with people with a learning defection, told: “ There should never be a situation where such extreme treatment comes as a surprise”.

The National Health Service is the publi9c trust which is funded with National Health Care system that runs dental services community across the UK to take care of people who find going the dentist tough.

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