After a breakup with his girlfriend Kieran Wood (16), a teenage boy from Dewsbury Moor was missing from Friday and a complaint of missing has been logged to the police. Later a public has contacted police to say that the body of a teenage male had been found in woods off Heckmond Road, Dewsbury.

Police did not reveal how the boy dies. Hence, Ambulance attended and he was conspicuous dead at the scene. An officer said that there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances and the Coroner’s office in Bradford has been informed. After the boy body has been found the family have been informed and being supported by officers.

The boy cousin Sophie New from Dewsbury Moor said “We used to so lose but we just drifted apart when I started working. I just wish he knew that he could have come and spoken to us. I will hate myself every day for not been there for him. I love him with every inch of my body. I will never be the same again.”

During interrogation, A post of the boy Ex girlfriend shared on Facebook where she said “ I loved you with all of my heart you beautiful boy if I could have done even more to help you I would. I really wish you were still here to tell me everything’s gonna be OK but I know I cannot expect that anymore. I wish you would have spoken to me sooner because I would have been there straight away. I Just Wish I could have helped you. I hope you’re looking down on me baby cause I am gonna do you proud promise, everything you wanted me to do and achieve I will I promise”

West Yorkshire Police one of the spokesperson said “ At 11:30 am on Saturday police were contacted by a member of the public who had found the body of a teenage male in woods off Heckmondwike Road, Dewsbury”

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