Being homeless the man instituted his personal living place in a disabled parking lot on the 4th floor of the multi-storey along with decoration of framed photos along with the arrangements of bedding and cardboard carpet. After being uprooted around two weeks ago, Paul Lindsay Jones of 55 years old totally transformed the disabled spot into his own living place at Truro in Cornwall. He said, “I take pride. Some people are on the sheet with just a sleeping bag but I like a bit of luxury”. According to the local council, this incident would meet Paul’s condition.

He claimed he collected furnishings and pictures by hunting the bins and skipping around t6he city and the other pieces got from the donation by the charities. Paul who belongs from Bodmin has made a table along with a sofa from two big chairs. He told his next planning is to arrange some carpet. According to Paul, space was exaggerated with flowers and also a doormat on which “Home ” was written and the place was his “own eight-storey hotel”. Along with the flowers and clock, there is also a landline phone from which a cable was running. He said, “It does not work but it is a bit of luxury, is not it?”

According to him, “ There are people living on the streets just lying on a sleeping bag. But I like a bit of luxury. It is about using your brain”.

“I keep it clean and cause no problems. I am polite with the public and the security guys have no problem with me”.

Though being deaf and a lip reader  Paul said he was “sad to be evicted” from his ex-home but recently he is enjoying the taking care of the space.

The legal director of the local charity of homeless St Petroc’s Society, Justin Day said, “It is a sad story as he was evicted from his former property but our outreach teams are visiting him daily and trying to build up trust”.

He added, “ We are ultimately trying to entice him into our resettlement centres but he does not want that at the moment”.

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