Counter-terrorism active police cell of London informed that they had launched an investigation based on the mail in which the information has been disclosed that three small bombs are instituted in two busiest airports and major rail station. No one was affected by the devices, one of which spread a small fire in an office building at the Heathrow airport.

London police force told, “ The Met Police Counter Terrorism Command is treating the incidents as a linked series and is keeping an open mind regarding motives”.

They received the first report about a suspicious device at Heathrow airport, at 0955 GMT after staff disclosed a package which caught fire.

Later, a similar package was recognized in the post room of the busiest rail station of London in Waterloo, and a third was discovered in an office at London City airport in the east London.

Flights had not been interrupted, though a light rail line linking London City with central London was partially suspended on a temporary basis.

Britain is pondering this incident as the second-highest level of terrorism alert, with security services seeing an attack as “highly likely”. In 2017, five attacks in Manchester in London ended 36 lives.


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