16 Years Boy Convicted For Murder With Cricket Bat in Telford - TNBC UK

A 16 years aged boy who ruptured a man’s skull with a cricket bat has feeling guilty for the murder. As the teenager was searching two stolen bikes of children, he entered silently behind Derek Whyteside of Shropshire. Mr Whyteside of 42 years old collapsed instantly in the ground and died after two days.

The teenager whose name cannot be disclosed had professed that he was trying to make self-defence but he was seen guilty in front of the jury at Stafford Crown Court, informed by a unanimous verdict.

Mr Whyteside came at Withywood Drive in Malinslee for the bicycles of the children which had been taken from the outside of his home on the same day.

Prosecutor Kevin Hegarty QC told the court previously, “ He was looking for two stolen bicycles and also he was looking for those responsible for stealing them. Whilst he was there, he was struck across the back of the head with a bat. The impact fractured his skull and the fracture extended into his right eye socket”.

According to Mr Hegarty, Mr Whyteside at the Chesterfield in Dawley did not get any chance to take any stance for defending himself or avoiding the blow. His skull had been fractured as he collapsed at the ground and his head hit the ground.

According to the jury Mr Whyteside was seen to carry a knuckle duster and the boy professed that he had been in worry for his life.

West Mercia Police informed that the jury had cancelled the plea of self-defence agreeing that the boy acted with intention. The sentencing date has not fixed yet. Hence, Justice Paul Glenn said a compulsory life sentence was “inevitable.”

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