In this month, on the forthcoming week, the train line which goes through into the station of Wembley Stadium will be closed on the special day of the match between England and Croatia.

Preliminary constructional work for the HS2 line will cause the closing of Chiltern Railway services between Wembley and Gerrards Cross on 18th November.

For essential this shutdown forces the thousands of fans from that area between London and Birmingham to look for substitute routes.

According to the Rail Network, the preparatory work had been scheduled before the match and it is not possible to alter the dates.

Wembley Train Line To Close On the Day Of England vs Croatia match1|

The Rail Network clarified that the date had been fixed weekend before for avoiding the interruption with the remembrance events on Armistice Day.

The HS2 sponsorship director of the Network Rail in Antonia Buckland said the organization was “working closely with Chiltern Railways to minimise the impact”.

The Chiltern line goes through the rail services from Birmingham to London Marylebone, via the stations including High Wycombe, Banbury, Warwick and Leamington Spa.

Through this line, the trains also run from Kidderminster, Oxford, Stratford-upon Avon and Aylesbury to the capital.

On the date of the match, Southbound trains will run most probably Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire from where the replacement bus services will be available to West Ruislip or Hillington for connecting with London Underground services.

The Chiltern trains will be available north from Marylebone to the Wembley Stadium.  As the station is directly next to the ground and is used by many fans travelling to and from the national stadium.

The stadium holds limited parking spaces which force people to visit Wembley using public transport.

Chiltern Railways suggested people who are willing to travel should “visit our website for any information and advice”.

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