Victims of Human Trafficking ‘Stuck in limbo for years’ - TNBC UK

The doubted trafficking or modern enslavement victims are being put at risk by detaining in the system designed to protect them, an investigation has discovered. The documents of the government have been obtained by People by 2,200 people waiting more than a year for a decision on their status in the UK.

Memos disclose officials were worried the system left people “ in limbo”. The Home Office informs it is committed to improving and has more than doubled its caseworkers to diminish the accumulation.

The documents related to the situation as of November 2018. They also disclose more than 1,000 people had been expecting a decision for over 18 months at that point, while 100 had been waiting for about three years.

The National Referral Mechanism is a kind of government system created to recognize and support victims while making the prosecution of traffickers easier.

Suspected victims are allotted 45 days to rally while the Home Office inspections their case. A decision on whether their claim is genuine should be made “as soon as possible” after this. A positive decision could affect their immigration status and the likelihood of them confronting the criminal accuses. According to the charities, the practice long delays can cause unnecessary enduring, stop people moving on with lives and reveal them to the risk of being peddled again.

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