US TV Anchor Shoots Goat on Scottish Island as a “Hardcore Huntress” - TNBC UK

The minister of Scottish government condemned the photos in which the American TV anchor is presented heroically in a pose beside the shot dead wild goats in Scotland.

Ms Switlyk who hosts the Unleashed programme of Larysa, presented herself as a “hardcore huntress”.Mike Russell, the local MSP of that area, told BBC in Scotland that the images seemed to him “horrific” while he was surfing those social media posts which were showing that Switlyk was hunting in the Islay island for Larysa. Russell had contacted with Roseanna Cunningham, the environment secretary of Scotland and requested him to stop goat hunting immediately on the island. A number of tourism companies offer for trailing and shooting wild goats and in several islands such as Galloway, Islay, Dumfries and the other parts of UK.

Generally, the animals which have not been attacked by any natural predator are classified as non-native and invasive species in the United Kingdom and hunting of this kind of animal in any private land is not considered as illegal. Controversial slaughter is appointed in some areas to reduce their numbers, as well as contraceptive darts, have been also used for stopping the reproduction of the animal.

In the posts of social media, Ms Switlyk is seen in camouflage attire and targeting a rifle on the island. Among two images, in one she is seen in a pose beside a dead goat and in another, a dead ram is seen beside her.

The caption of one photograph  was, “ Beautiful wild goat here on the Island of Islay in Scotland.S such a fun hunt!! ”

She also added, “ They live on the edge of the cliff of the island and know how to hide well. We hunted hard for a big one for 2 days and finally got on this group Made a perfect 200 yard shot and dropped him”.In the conversation with John Beattie  of BBC Scotland , Mr Russell dictated that the goat hunting of Ms Switlyk was worse than hunting a red deer. According to him, “ this kind of reckless hunting is firmly regulated ” and “you don’t see people glorifying in it very often”.

The secretary of Brexit added, “The pictures are horrific . Obviously, deer culling and deer stalking is established on the island and it is a necessary thing to do considering the lack of control of deer numbers. But to see people in camouflage with highly powered sniper rifles rejoicing at the killing of a goat, let alone a ram, is simply unacceptable”.

“There has been something of an outcry already about it and a local MSP have now raised it with the environment minister because I think it is really undesirable and unpleasant”.

Mr Russell stated that it was not evident whether anything could be possible for stopping the hunting of goat , but he said that he thinks that it is his duty to raise this matter as “This is not 21st Century Scotland. This is not 21st Century Islay”.

The website of Larysa Unleashed clarifies that the presenter ”promotes the outdoor lifestyle, offering a taste of the adventure as she blossoms into a hardcore huntress  ”.

“Along the way Larysa wants to encourage the public , especially kids and females, to go hunting and experience the great outdoors”

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