US President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth acclaimed the bonding between the United States and the United Kingdom on Monday after the  US President was honored with a ceremony arranged to strengthen an old alliance, which was pinched by the hostility over Brexit and China.

The interruption of the US President into the political emergency of the United Kingdom over Brexit had intimidated to eclipse his state visit to London but instead, the US President presented to rejoice the royal red carpet that his hosts popped in for him and his wife Melania.

The three-day long trip was pitched as a scope for celebrating the “special relationship “ with the United States, enhancing the trade involvement in a post-Brexit world and strongly assert the security cooperation before the 75th anniversary of the unified D-Day landings in World War Two.

The US President said in a speech at the lavish banquet in his honor at Buckingham Palace, “ the bond between our nations was forever sealed in the great crusade ”.

He also added, “as we honor our shared victory and heritage, we affirm the common values that will unite us long into the future; freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, the rule of law and reference for the rights given to us by Almighty God. ”

While the splendidly unpredictable 45th US President wasted admiration on the 93-year old queen, his insights on the exit of Britain from the European Union, on the attainable descendent to the UK Prime Minister Theresa May as British Prime Minister and a row over Chinese company Huawei have cast a cloud over the visit.

Even as he escaped into the British capital, he enkindled a dispute with London Mayor Sadiq Khan – who had written that Britain should not be spinning out the red carpet for the US President, stating the mayor as a “ stone cold loser”.

The State Tour was pledged by the Prime Minister May back in January 2017, while she became the first foreign leader to meet the US President after getting the responsibility of the office.

The first day of this kind of tour is traditionally gripped up with a sequence of royal appointments and the formalities.

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