On Tuesday, the House of Commons in the United Kingdom has voted to extend abortion rights and same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland, unless consigned government is restored in Belfast by October 21. 

MPs claims that the changes to a piece of legislation, which delays the election in Northern Ireland to permit further talks on restoring the power-sharing executive that falls down in January 2017.

Despite being legal across the remaining parts of Britain, same-sex marriage and abortion were not legal in Northern Ireland. 

The DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) of Northern Ireland has supported the Britain Prime Minister Theresa May-led Conservative Government in London, which is strongly against any change to the law. 

It has always claims that the issue should be decided by local politicians. At Present, MPs have run out of patient.  

Opposition Labour MP Stella Creasy, who has demand for changes has hailed yesterday’s votes. 

Ms. Creasy tweets, “Thank you to everyone who today stood up for equality in Northern Ireland – whether for same sex marriage or abortion, today we have said everyone in the UK deserves to be treated as an equal.”

She continued, “There’s a road to go yet but today a big step forward #TheNorthISNext #LoveEquality.”

The modification on same-sex marriage was passed by 383 votes to 73, while the changes extending access to abortion right has passed by 332 votes to 99. 

The bill comprises of both amendments must be approved by the Upper House and the Unelected House of Lords. 

Both amendments claims that if assigned government is restored by October 21, 2019, it won’t come into effect. 

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