UK Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch has submitted her resignation due to the ‘delays’ to a fall down on maximum stakes for the fixed-odds betting machines.

According to the gambling commision, the terminals of fixed-odds betting generate £1.8bn revenue in a year for the entire betting industry including the taxes of £400m for the government.

In the budget declaration Chancellor Philip Hammond said that the falls in stakes from £100 to £2 would come into constraint in October of 2019.

According to the sports minister Tracey Crouch, driving the date back was ‘unjustifiable’ and it could toll the lives of problem gamblers. She tweeted: ”Politicians come and go back but principles stay with us forever”.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May expressed her disappointment on the resignation of sports minister Tracey Crouch but there had been “no delay in bringing forward this important measure”.

UK government refused to value the claims of the labour that MPs were led to accept the cut would come into constraint at the beginning of the coming tax year, in April of 2019. As per their suggestion, the cut had been preconceived to be commenced in April of 2020.

Ms Crouch defined in her resignation letter, “Unfortunately, implementation of these changes are now being delayed until October of 2019 due to commitments made by others to those with registered interests”.

“In addition, two people will tragically take their lives every day due to gambling-related problems and, for that reason as much as any other, I believe this delay is unjustifiable”.

She added: “It is a fact of government that ministers must adhere to collective responsibility and cannot disagree with a policy, let alone when it is policy made against your wishes relating to your own portfolio.”

Among the compliments on her on the social media, Archbishop Canterbury Welby tweeted that Ms Crouch  was “principled and courageous” adding that “May God bless her commitment to doing right.”

Former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson wrote in his tweet, that she  “deserves huge credit not just for her campaign but for sticking up for her principles”.

The deputy leaders of the labour Tom Watson blamed the government of “capitulating to the gambling industry”. He admired Ms Crouch’s “courageous and principled decision” and also said Cultural Secretary Jeremy Wright  “should be thoroughly ashamed” emphasizing “corporate interests over victims, profits over public health and greed over good”.



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