UK recommended lowering COVID-19 alert level from Level-4 to Level-3 - TNBC UK

The chief medical officers of the United  Kingdoms have accepted that the coronavirus threat  level should be lowered one notch to “epidemic is in general circulation” from “transmission is high or rising exponentially”.

According to the recommendations of Joint Biosecurity Centre, the COVID-19 alert level should move to level-3 a COVID-19 epidemic in its general circulation from level 4 a COVID-19 epidemic is in general circulation; transmission is high or rising exponentially.

The chief medical officers of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland said, “There has been a steady decrease in cases we have seen in all four nations, and this continues.” 

“It does not mean that the pandemic is over. The virus is still in general circulation, and localised outbreaks are likely to occur.”

As per official data, the death toll has crossed 50,000 where it is mentioned on death certificates, making it one of the worst hit countries in the world. More than 8.5 million people have been reported to be infected by the novel coronavirus globally and 452,992​ have died, according to a Reuters tally.

“The UK moving to a lower alert level is a big moment for the country, and a real testament to the British people’s determination to beat this virus,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock said.

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