UK Prince William met with the survivors of the deadly shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, along with a recovered 5-year old girl in the hospital, during a two-day-long visit to New Zealand.

The Duke of Cambridge, William was taking a tour on behalf of his 93-years old grandmother Queen Elizabeth, the state head of New Zealand based on the request from the UK Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.

He reached in Christchurch and also visited Christchurch Hospital for meeting survivors recovered from the fatal injuries due to brutal attacks, before he was planned to visit the two mosques where a gunman killed 50 worshippers on 15th March.

He had begun the visit in the largest city of the country, Auckland where he attended an ANZAC memorial services. Later, he visited the Hospital of Starship Children along with Arden for meeting five years long Alen Alsati, who had currently revived from a coma after she and her father were injured in the attacks.

In the twitter account of Kensington palace photos and videos showed Prince William sitting on the side of the hospital bed of the child, crowded by her family and Ardern.

In the evening, the Prince went to justice center of Christchurch for meeting first responders to the mosque shootings, along with ambulance staff.

According to the twitter account of Kensington Palace, “You did an incredible job on a very bad day”.

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