UK Prime Minister Theresa May told the legislators to detain their nerve over Brexit and allow her more time for negotiating a deal allowable to both the European Union and the British parliament. The United Kingdom is on the way to leave the European Union on 29 March without an agreement until Theresa May can assure the bloc to modify the withdrawal deal she admitted in the last year and get it sanctioned by British lawmakers.

The UK Prime Minister told, “ The talks are at a crucial stage”. She also told, “ We now all need to hold our nerve to get the changes this House requires and deliver Brexit on time.

The opposition labor party leader, Jeremy Corbyn charged her for spending time with fake negotiations to pressurize parliament for supporting her deal. British legislators rejected the withdrawal deal of UK Prime Minister in the last month, with the vital jabbing point being the Irish ‘backstop’ – an insurance policy for preventing the return of a strict border between the British province Northern Ireland and EU-member Ireland. According to critics, the policy could change Britain subject to EU rules after leaving the bloc.

According to EU, the standpoint is vital for avoiding the return of border security concerns in Ireland and has declined to recommence the Brexit withdrawal deal, though UK Prime Minister persists she can get legally binding changes for altering the most feisty parts of the standpoint.

The UK Prime Minister told, “ By getting the changes we need to the backstop; by protecting and enhancing workers’ rights and environmental protections; and by enhancing the role of parliament in the next phase of negotiations I believe we can reach a deal that this House can support”.

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Cabinet Supports Uk Prime Minister’s Brexit Compromises Offer

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