UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigns as Conservative Party leader on Friday, officially pushing the race to select her successor who will attempt to rectify the Brexit issues, in which she failed. UK Prime Minister will manage the responsibility until a new leader is selected, supposed in late July, but has resigned to control the direction of the twisting separation of Britain from the European Union.

Brexit is programmed for 31st  October but while her opponents slammed it, the project became deadlocked, with the only separation plan agreed with Brussels stuck in the parliament. UK Prime Minister took the responsibility of the office after the 2016 referendum vote to be separated from the EU and has spent the past three years working on the plan, detaining Brexit twice to attempt to get it through.

But she ultimately admitted the defeat in a tearful relinquishment speech last month, the termination months of the political turmoil that has deprived all her authority.

Eleven Conservative MPS are recently contending for replacing her, including former foreign minister Boris Johnson, but some are expected to drop the deadline of the nomination of Monday.

The winner will have a couple of months for deciding whether to attempt to retrieve the plan of the UK Prime Minister, delay Brexit again – or sever links with the closest trading partner of Britain with no agreement at all.

Eurosceptic leader Nigel Farage pressurizing them and represented a “ no deal option” and whose Brexit Party mounted European polls last month. His party presented a string stand in the election for the British parliament in the eastern city of Peterborough, but failed in its target of winning its first MP.

However, the pro-European Liberal Democrats, who want to impede Brexit, also performed well in the European polls, highlighting how divided Britain remains over its future.

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