Prime Minister Theresa May existed a disgracing challenge to her leadership night, striking back a less confidence vote aimed by the insurgents in her Conservative Party who confront her agreement deal on how to leave the European Union.

May won the party-only vote by 200 to 117 – pleasantly excelling the simple predominance of 159 votes she required to hold on to power. But it was scarcely a victory.

The public surpassing and lawmaking challenge by her fellow Tories leaves May an injured leader. The British Prime Minister has now infected a challenge of the leadership by her party for a year, but she confronts legislators vicious to her Brexit deal, which persists diversely dislike.

In Brussels, the survival of Theresa May counted relief to EU leaders, who have a quite option other than expecting she can hold on and get the approval of the Brexit deal acknowledged by Parliament before the 29th March on the exit date.

But many countries have spread emergency compositions, threatening that the political paralysis will push it to crash out of the EU without a deal.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wrote on Twitter, “Glad about the outcome of tonight’s vote. Our shared goal is to avoid a no-deal scenario.”

A Brexit deal could outcome in chaos at ports, a freeze in trade, empty grocery store shelves,  established aircraft and the fear of slowdown, economists have alerted.

A Belgian politician and Brexit coordinator,  for the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt, wrote on Twitter, “Even in the Tory party, there is no majority for no deal or hard Brexit”.

Briefly, after the vote that saved her job, Ms Theresa May said, “ This has been a long and challenging day. But, at the end of it, I’m pleased to have received the backing of my colleagues in tonight’s ballot”.

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