UK Prime Minister Agrees To Schedule A Timetable For Choosing Successor - TNBC UK

Uk Prime Minister has pledged to set a timetable for the election of her successor after the next Brexit vote in the first week of June. The deal pursues a meeting between the Prime Minister and the senior Tory MPs who are demanding a date for her leaving from Downing Street. If she loses the polling on her Brexit plan, already declined three times, according to the familiar sources, she would resign.

In the meantime, Boris Johnson has said that he will run for the leader for once Mrs. May goes. The Prime Minister carried on a confidence polling by Conservative MPs at the end of last year and party orders mean she can not officially be challenged again until December. But Mrs. May has involved under pressure for leaving Downing Street this summer, amid the Brexit stalemate and poor results for the Conservatives in the recent local elections in England.

The senior sources of the political editor Laura Kuenssberg had told her it was “inconceivable” the prime minister could remain in office if MPs declined her Brexit plans for the fourth time. She also added, “ discussing an election timetable” and it does not sound that exciting. But the paragraph inserted into the short formal letter from Sir Graham Brady to Tory MPs all but marks the end of Theresa May’s premiership and the starting of the official hunt for the next leader of the country.

After the lineup in the short note  restating the determination of the prime minister for getting Brexit done it ensures in black and white that after the next big vote, in the first week of June, the determination of the  Prime Minister for getting Brexit done, it ensures in black and white that after the next big vote, in the first week of June, the Prime Minister will decide the plannings with the party for selecting a successor.

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