On the various issues such as mobile phone roaming, passports and driving licences, still, the government has not reached an agreement in the event organized in Europe and also in the United Kingdom.

According to the secretary of Brexit said that as per the no-deal synopsis the UK will not pay the economic deal. According to him, the government was “ stepping up ” it is circumstantial planning.

After the summit in Chequers in July, the agendas of Theresa May, the Prime minister of United Kingdom are savagely confronted by few Troy MPs and Europe also proclaimed reservations.


The government issued 24 no-deal documents in the last month specifying the industries which include farming, medicine and finance. In that proclamation, the Britons will have to bear the additional expense for visiting EU including additional paperwork at the borders and additional charges on credit card.

Dominic Raab, the secretary of Brexit commented in his writing in the Daily Telegraph, “ 2 documents range from protecting consumers from mobile phone roaming charges to upholding environmental standards.

In June 2017, the additional charges on using phones were discarded in others EU country. But after Brexit, the EU dictum will not allow being part of UK law automatically banning those orderings.

Mrs Theresa  May claimed that the United Kingdom will refuse to be a part of “Digital Single Market ” of EU after Brexit.

According to this theory, the mobile operators in the UK could recommence the additional charges that simply make expensive the usage of the mobile phone in the others EU country.

Anyway, the major mobile operators told in BBC last month that they had no planning to raise the charges.

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