The British government has launched an information campaign urging the public to “get ready for Brexit”. On Sunday, the campaign started with the launch of a website, Billboards and social media adverts will appear in the coming days and TV adverts will air later this month.

The in-charge of no-deal plans, Michael Gove, said the adverts encourage “shared responsibility” for preparing to leave the EU on 31 October. The ministers have planned to inform people what they might need to do, if anything, ahead of the deadline and so the campaign could cost as much as £100m.

The author of the blog, Benedict Pringle said that, if true, the £100m budget would be roughly double what the National Lottery spends on advertising each year.

“So if you think about how often you see a lottery advert and double it, that’s how much we could be seeing the campaign over the next two months,” he told the BBC.

“At football grounds, in advert breaks for Coronation Street and The Great British Bake Off, this is where you’ll get the biggest reach with the public.”

In an image it was shown, one of the campaign’s billboards was issued by the Cabinet Office ahead of their rollout this week. In this agenda, booklet, online seminars and information stand at events will also be used. 

The campaign will target specific groups of British citizens who are intending to travel to Europe and businesses which export to the EU. To answer questions and receive advice on preparing for Brexit, the campaign will be encouraging people and companies to visit the government website. 

According to the campaign, some sections of society “do not need to take any action” to prepare for Brexit. People on that list are British citizens who both live and work in the UK, do not run a business and do not plan to travel abroad “after 31 October 2019”.

On Monday morning, on Twitter, the fourth-highest UK trend was #GetReadyForBrexit. However, it was appreciated by many and other mocked either the campaign or Brexit itself. The UK government has already declared that it “cannot fully protect” the rights of UK citizens living in the EU. 

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