According to the prosecutor, a British PhD student who has been sentenced for the lifetime imprisonment in the United Arab Emirates appealed guilty while he was challenged with “compelling evidence”.

31 years old Matthew Hedges always claimed that he was honest and was engaged in research on the security strategy of the country for PhD degree.  The adjudication infuriated UK government, promoting a diplomatic row between their long-standing ally, UAE and UK.

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt immediately want a “call with Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed”. The James Robbins from BBC said that the UK Foreign Minister feels “betrayed ” personally by the adjudication as nine days ago in a meeting with Emirates Crown Prince he was assured that the consequence of this case would not be crucial like this. The Foreign Minister of UK has appealed for meeting with the wife of Hedges, Daniel Tejada on Thursday.

He also professed his dissatisfaction by saying that he had raised the case in front of “highest levels of the UAE government”, adding the adjudication was “not what we expect from a friend and trusted partner of the United Kingdom, and runs contrary to earlier assurances ”.

But in a statement, the Attorney General of UAE, Dr Hamad Al Shamsi said Hedges had solicited to all charges after he was presented by the court with “compelling legal evidence concluded after thorough judicial investigations ”.

He said, “The defendant confessed in detail to his crimes during investigations whereby he was accorded his full rights and assurances as per the UAE Constitution and state laws to fair and transparent trial ”.

The UAE General also said Hedges appeared in the court with the representatives of the British Embassy and he “ exhausted all methods of defence by his lawyer during the trial”.

The Family of Matthew Hedges complained in his first six weeks of custody during his interrogation he was inquired without a lawyer and the access of the consular was also unavailable.

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