British Prime Minister Theresa May assured about a vote to the lawmakers on her Brexit deal by March 12, the recent detention in her attempt for winning the approval for a plan to confirm the orderly departure of Britain from the European Union.

As the labyrinthine Brexit crisis of the United Kingdom transformed to the wire, the UK Prime minister is making an all-out effort for getting changes in the divorce package but legislators may try to grip the control of Brexit in a series of parliamentary votes. After the vote of British parliament 432-202 against her deal in January, the worst whip in the modern history of Britain. The UK Prime Minister assured to demand changes which would allow the legislators to sanction the agreement and thus eschew a potential disorder exit.

On her way to Egypt for an EU-Arab League summit, the UK Prime Minister told further meetings in Brussels on fixing the changes to the deal ruled out a so-called meaningful vote in the parliament in this week.

Instead, the new ‘ high noon’ for Brexit, Theresa May and the British parliament will be on 12th March, just 17 days before Britain is due to quit on 29h March.

UK Prime Minister informed the reporters on board her plane, “We won’t bring a meaningful vote to parliament this week but we will ensure that happens by the 12th of March”. She added, “ It is still within our grasp to leave the European Union with a deal on the 29th of March and that is what we are working to do.”

In Sharm El-Sheikh, the UK Prime minister will take attempt to win the support of the EU leaders for securing the changes and ease the growing frustration in Europe over the political hindrance in Britain over the deal which was signed in London in November.



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