A prohibition has been approved by the three Court of Appeal and judges ordered to stop publishing its article in the Daily Telegraph. They declared that five staff claims that, “compromised by settlement arguments” and “substantial ” payouts has been received to keep silent.

The editor of the daily said addressing the people that, “the public has a right to know when the powerful seek to gag the vulnerable”.

The Daily Telegraph stated that they had continued a detail investigation since eight months on the allegations of tyrannizing, threat and sexual assault which have been made against the businessman.

The daily said, “ publishing these would be sure to reignite the #MeToo movement against the mistreatment of women, minorities and others by powerful employers”.But while the director of the daily was confronting the accusations was consolidated for comment by the paper in July, he along with his senior staffs applied for a prohibition order to stop from being published the details.

The High Court judge denied approving the stifling order. Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said that the information was “clearly capable of significantly contributing to a debate in a democratic society” and “making a contribution to a current debate of general public interest on misconduct in a workplace”.

The managers and the executives pleaded the decision, informing the details of the accusation had been “disclosed in breach of confidence” as the five had had to make NDAs, the non-disclosure agreements. But Lord Justice Henderson, Lord Justice Underhill and Sir Terence Etherton published a resolution in the favour of the businessman.

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