The UK politicians formed the specific committee for Women and Equalities to investigate the increasing issues of harassment for nine months and which became a normalised incident for growing girls.

For tackling this serious matter, the MPs are informing the government to take the right actions. According to the Home Office, the issue was a “key priority”.

The committee probes the evidence about the widespread incidence of street harassment, as well as sexual assaults. They also have been informed that this kind of incident occurred in several public spaces such as transport, clubs, universities, parks online spaces even on the street openly.

A woman named Sarah told BBC that her daughter of 12 years old has to face this kind of severe harassment on the way of her school and also her school bus. She claimed the harassment has nor bar including pushing her daughter off the seat, shouting at her criticizing a slut and also spitting at her. Though while Sarah reported about this harassment incident to the school, they took urgent action she emphasized on the more awareness which is needed to prevent this incident and for getting the normalised behaviour.

She said, “ It starts off as a bit of banter between young boys and girls but quickly can grow into something more concerning”.

She also added, “ It is an incident of how boys think they can treat girls. If they think it is acceptable at the age what will they be like when they are older.”

Maria Millar, the chairman of the Committee said, “ Women feel the onus is put on them to avoid risky situations – all of these keeps women and girls unequal .”



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