The speaker of the House of Commons does not boom a gavel. His hit on the surface creates a robust impression. But John Bercow stands on hit pointed finger which he shakes his bundle of papers which he projects to the reasonable seats with a deep loud roar, “order” over and over.

Britain will be stuck to the Parliament TV again this week for the next event of the hit program known as Brexit. The star of the programme, 56 years old Bercow a pint-size authoritarian and champion shade-thrower who is the 157th person to twirl the celebratory mace,but who is the most dramatic , sharp-edged and enterprising speaker in the modern time.

Conventionally, the representative of the House played a lower category role, accused with a complicated but ordinary role for keeping the order in the screeching chamber, selecting which members might ask the prime minister which questions,and supervising the clock.

Brexit has convert everything upside down,and Bercow has converted into an extraordinary player, whose expansive clarification of the parliamentary rules and upsiding tradition have allocated the backbenchers in the Parliament to seize the partial control in which direction Brexit might go.

The author of the biography, Bobby Friedman told, “ He’s like no speaker who has ever gone before”. He added, “ Bercow, Mr. Speaker: Rowdy Living in the Tory Party. The name ‘speaker’ is misleading. Previously, the speaker wouldn’t really be expected to speak at all. They chair debates. They keep order, make decisions about procedure and just allow everyone else to get on with saying their piece.”


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