The President of Slovenia has informed he believes his country and “a lot of other” EU nations would sanction a short delay to Brexit.

In the three-day long tour to the UK, the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor included that Britain requires to exhibit “clarity and consensus” and returned to the EU with a plan MPs can sanction.

His comments released as the Chief negotiator of the block, Michel Barnier told he is ready to give more guarantees to Britain that the Irish are only intended to be temporary.

The stronghold is a custom plan for avoiding a “hard” border between Ireland and Northern Ireland if a free trade deal between the UK and EU does not arrive.

It has become the major point of dispute in the proposed Brexit deal. Slovenia President Pahor told he wanted a trade-off on the Irish stronghold to be discovered, but included that Slovenia would not sanction a deal that Ireland contradicted.

He informed, “ It is not clear at the moment if the United Kingdom has a clear position on some sort of compromise solution and if it fits the requirements of the majority in the House (of Commons).”

He also added on the probability of detention to Brexit, “I think Slovenia and a lot of other countries would say yes”.

However, the former EU politician told detention to Brexit would not make any settlement easily to find and expressed the treat of the European Parliament elections at the end of the May could cause problems.

He told, “ If Brexit would become an issue of a political campaign among the 27 (member states), I think this could even make more difficult the whole framework of negotiations between London and Brussels.

It comes after UK Prime Minister Theresa May promised the probability of a vote to the detention of Brexit if the Commons consider incompetent her deal for a second time.

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