Rival Leader Blamed for Calling UK Prime Minister “Stupid Woman” - TNBC UK

Labour rival leader Jeremy Corbyn became the current British politician for getting the lip-identifiers muddling while he presented to utter the words “stupid woman” after a dazzling exchange in the parliament with Prime Minister Theresa May. The remark of Corbyn was seized by television cameras after the question-answer session that British superiors have to tolerate every Wednesday.

Corbyn had been seasoning May with vicious questions about her settlement in the last week to pause an essential parliamentary vote on a long periodic divorce deal with the European Union.

In response, Theresa May had recommended Corbyn might not adore the support of his own legislators over the EU and, taking a well-worn line from a dramatic entertainment on Christmas. She had claimed, “I’ve got some advice for the Right Honourable Gentleman – look behind you!”

“They are not impressed and neither is the country!”

Corbyn then trembles his head and presented to mumble “stupid woman” under his breath. Theresa May told lawmakers by Alert to the incident.

“I think that everybody in this house – particularly in this 100th anniversary of women getting the vote – should be aiming to encourage women to come into this Chamber .. And should, therefore, use appropriate language. ”

However, Corbyn has refuted reports of him professing PM May “a stupid woman” under his breath in parliament. His representative has insisted that Corbyn mumbled “stupid people” in reply to the mime atmosphere in the House of Commons. The representative told reporters, “he did not call her a stupid woman and so I don’t think there is any basis for an apology ”.

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