Security Minister of Britain Ben Wallace alerted that terror group Al-Qaeda was on a revival mode and maybe devising major terrorist attacks on the airports and airliners. He warned that the Al-Qaeda which executed the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York back in 2011 – constitutes an increasing threat that is observing ministers “awake at night”, according to the report of The Sunday.

He warned, “The aviation threat is real ”. He included that intelligence forum of Britain has released that Al-Qaeda was progressing technology to bring down the jets of passenger.

He said, “Aviation is still a blue riband event for these terrorists. Al-Qaeda is resurgent. They have reorganised. They are pushing more and more plots towards Europe and have become familiar with new methods and still aspire aviation attacks ”.

The minister said the British Government has driven in 25 million pounds into a linking UK Home Office and Development for Transport research programme on how to shield planes even more from new chemicals, different methods of an explosion and insider ultimatum.

He recorded that the refusal of the Islamic State meant Al-Qaeda would attempt to reacknowledge itself as the leading terror group of the world and a crucial attack on aviation could be its future card.

Mr Wallace informed the media  Al-Qaeda and the affiliates are now assumed to be active in Syria, Yemen , Afghanistan, Libya and other countries in the Middle East, professing , “ Al-Qaeda sat quietly in the corner and tried to work out what the 21st century looked like, while Islamic State became the latest terrorist boy band, but they have not gone away – they have reorganised. You’re seeing Al-Qaeda appear in areas we thought were dormant”.

The UK minister informed that the developments in airport security system signify terrorists were less likely to export explosives through the security systems in the terminal.

He said, “They have explored other ways of getting bombs on planes. We’ve talked publicly about an insider threat issue. If you can’t get to the front door, you’re going to try to get in the back door ”.

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