On Tuesday, The discussion of Brexit between Britain and the European Union came to an end with tit-for-tat claims of intransigence and sabotage before an end of October deadline.

UK Prime Minister Boris is keen to save the new divorce terms that he has proposed ahead of next week’s pivotal EU summit in Brussels and so he had a discussion with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

Downing Street then provided a readout of what Merkel reportedly said that provoked an incendiary tweet from EU Council President Donald Tusk. It has been claimed by London that a Merkel demanded a rewrite of Britain’s approach to the long-vexing Irish border problem that made a  compromise “essentially impossible”.  

Merkel was quoted by the Downing Street saying a no-deal “overwhelmingly unlikely”, adding that the Brexit talks were “close to breaking down”. More than three years Britain has been trying to discover a way to deliver on the result of a 2016 referendum and its almost five-decade involvement in the European bloc.

In a straight statement, Johnson has threatened to leave the EU at any cost, with or without a withdrawal deal on October 31. The official spokesman of Johnson declined to say anything about the substance of the call.

The PM told reporters the pair had a “frank exchange” diplomatic speak for a disagreement. Britain was accused by Tusk of playing with  “the future of Europe and the UK” without any clear planning of what the country wanted. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said he found it “hard to disagree” with Tusk, stressing that Dublin would “not strike a deal at any cost”.

According to him, Johnson had restated his desire to find an agreement during a 40-minute phone call with his Irish counterpart Leo Varadakar. However, Varadkar later told broadcaster it would be”very difficult to secure an agreement by next week.”

As per the Press Association, both of them are likely to meet for discussion later this week. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said late Tuesday “efforts continue” to reach a Brexit deal with Britain, after meeting with Coveney.

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