Replacing Theresa May, Boris Johnson Going To Be Next Prime Minister Of UK - TNBC UK

Boris Johnson was declared the next Prime Minister of Britain and is going to replace Theresa May after winning the leadership of the Conservative Party on Tuesday. His victory indicates the United Kingdom towards a Brexit showdown with the EU and towards a constitutional crisis at home as British legislators have promised to bring down any government that tries to leave the alliance without a divorce deal.

Johnson achieved the votes of 92,153 members of the Conservative party while Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt won 46,656 votes. Johnson is the face of the 2016 Brexit referendum. On Wednesday, Theresa May will go to Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Elizabeth and then will leave the office. At the same palace, the Queen will formally appoint Johnson before he enters Downing Street.

The result is an exceptional victory for one of Britain’s most flamboyant politicians. It places a declared Brexit supporter in charge of the government for the first time since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU in the shock 2016 referendum.

John takes office at one of the most shattering situations in post-World War Two British history. A report presented by the 2016 Brexit referendum showed the United Kingdom divided about much more than the European Union.  A new Brexit divorce deal has been pledged by Johnson to negotiate with the EU to secure before Oct 31. If bloc rejects he has promised to leave anyway – “do or die” – on Halloween.

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