There are clues about the resettlement of the case of the UK academic Matthew Hedges who has been convicted of for espionage in the United Arab Emirates.

The consul of UAE in London has issued a statement at 10.00 GMT and it is supposed that he will discuss the proceedings in the situation of the British academic.

The Foreign Secretary of UK Jeremy Hunt said that the UAE consul had “constructive talk” with his counterpart in the UAE.

The academic of Durham University, Mr Hedges was imprisoned for the lifetime but refused to accept the charge of spying.

The wife of the accused academic, Daniel Tejada who returned from the UAE and said that Mr Hunt gave assurance her while they mate at the foreign office.

The diplomatic correspondent of BBC Paul Adams wrote in his tweet that the matters were “looking a bit more positive ” for the UK academic with the sources of the Foreign office there had been recommending there had been an “olive branch” from the foreign minister of Emirates.

The BBC correspondent also added, “ The UAE may feel that having allowed the legal process to run its course, the time has now come to show magnanimity and not risk a very real diplomatic breakdown with a close, important ally”.

Mr Hunt tweeted he had “just had a constructive conversation with UAE FM [Foreign Minister] Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed”.

He posted, “I believe and trust he’s working hard to resolve the situation asap. We have a close partnership with UAE which will help us take things forward”.

The Foreign Ministry Affairs of UAE said the country was “determined to protect its important strategic relationship with a key ally ” and included it expected both sides could reach in the settlement “an amicable solution ” to the case.

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