The Queen has pleaded people to search “common ground” and to regard “ different point of view”. According to the Commentators, the reflection will be displayed as citing to the debate on Brexit, with MPs due to vote on the deal of PM to leave the EU in the next week again. MPs declined the agreement in the last week but the UK will leave on 29th March with no deal unless they can acknowledge on a way forward. Chancellor Philip Hammond told there was “ huge wisdom” in the Queen’s remarks. He told in a reality programme, “I don’t think anybody will be at all surprised to hear the Queen advocating the view that in all things controversial we should seek compromise, we should seek common ground, we should seek a way forward. ”

The Queen also accepted praise from the other cabinet ministers – including Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd who mentioned them “wise words”.

The official representative of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May refused to comment straightforward on the remarks of the Queen. He said, “The prime minister’s own view is that we should always show great respect for the point of view of others. ”

Twice now in the space of five or so weeks, the Queen immersed a rhythmic push in the booming waters of the Brexit debate. She did not cite the word any time that has pushed the country either to either to the captive standoff or inactive dealing zone.

Many may be wondered that if the Queen assumed to be above the politics? She does not play the not only ceremonial role. She is the leader of the state. Her weekly spectators with PM are taken gravely from both sides.

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Plan To Block No Deal ‘Could Involve Queen’, Brexit

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