Queen Elizabeth Marks British Airways’ 100-Years - TNBC UK

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth saw the ticket from her first long-haul flight after her crowning when she visited Heathrow Headquarters of British Airways to mark 100-years of the airlines. The ticket was a trip to Jamaica, accompanied by her husband Philip in November 1953.

It reads, “Name of Passenger: HM Queen Elizabeth II,” detailing that the tour would be from London to Montego Bay. British Airways’ staffs were dressed in various uniforms from 1930s to the present day, greets the British Queen as she was also shown highlights from the history of the airlines.

On August 25, 1919, Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T), a forerunner of British Airways has started the world’s first daily international air service between London and Paris. Later, several airlines merged together, in 1974, British Airways was founded and privatised in 1987.  

British Airways is now a significant part of International Airlines Group, which is created by merger of Iberia and British Airways in 2011.

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