Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 93rd Birthday Along With Majestic Military Parade - TNBC UK

US President Donald Trump and his family got the royal treatment from Queen Elizabeth II in this past week – and the American President was all in lavish to the media  that it was a pinnacle of his life, that the British monarchy was an “ a specular …. Incredible woman” and that the two leaders shared an “ automatic chemistry”.

The President said, “ there are those that say they have never seen the queen have a better time,” the president said”. The salutations and trumpets and the men wore big hats and scarlet tunics , which were granted upon the US President on his state visit , were nothing differentiated to the pageant for celebration of the birthday of queen on Saturday, while her honor guards anchored the largest military parade  of the year in Britain, which is known as the annual Trooping of the Colour, not for a visiting notable, but the 93 years old monarch herself.

Her solemnity, attended by members of the royal family, were all out in those bright dresses and uniforms for the birthday celebrations on Horse Guards Parade, at which the Colour of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards trooped.

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan, who did not present for the state visit of the US President, because she was spending maternity leave, reunited to ride a carriage with Prince Harry down the Mall, remarked Mal in British English.

As for the Queen, she mounted alone in the best and brightest caravan of all, ceased in the glass windows, sitting on plump supported seats. She did the Queen wave, the upraised shake of the hand, to the thousands of her fan lying on the streets.

It was a most majestic show of spectacle, and soft power, even by royal standards: 1,400 soldiers dressed in their best, along with gleaming helmets, 200 horses groomed like models walking the catwalk in Milan.

The queen arranged an inspection of her troops and there was a 41 -gun salute from Green Park, another from the Tower of London and later a gaggling of riyal presentations on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, starting their necks skyward to notice Royal Air Force flypast in jets.

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