Prime Minister Boris Johnson Announced Coronavirus Sick Pay From Day 1 - TNBC UK

The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has announced that statutory sick pay will be available from the first day of illness under emergency legislation to tackle the coronavirus. The latest sick pay rules will make sure that Covid-19 sufferers are not left out of pocket. Mr. Johnson also claimed that the UK government would take “every step” to make sure nobody is “penalized for doing the right thing” and self-isolating. 

In the UK parliament, the PM was asked questions from the opposition ministers about arrangements tacking the disease. He replied, saying, “We will take every step that we can to ensure that businesses are protected, that the economy remains strong and that no-one, whether employed or self-employed, whatever the status of their employment, is penalized for doing the right thing.”

“What we are indeed doing is advancing the day, on a temporary basis, advancing the day by which you are eligible for statutory sick pay from the fourth day to the first day, and I think that is the right thing,” he added. 

The UK’s chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty informed, almost 36 new patients had recently traveled to affected countries or been infected by others who had done so. The total number has risen to 87. Three new cases have been informed in the UK. Among the three, two patients at King’s College Hospital have been diagnosed with the virus. 

Staff and visitors were restricted from going to the affected ward, and the hospital authority is monitoring those who may have come into contact with the infected patients. Out of the 87 cases in the UK, there are 80 in England, three in Northern Ireland, three in Scotland, and one in Wales. 

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