President Boris Johnson To Hold Talks With German Chancellor Angela Merkel - TNBC UK

Britain President Boris Johnson will be meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin later where he is expected to repeat again his call for the Irish border backstop plan to be scrapped. Mr. Johnson said that arrangement to avoid a hard border after Brexit is “anti-democratic” and must be removed to secure a deal. 

But the EU reported rejected any possibility of changes to which the PM said was “a bit negative”. However, he said that he will enter Brexit talks with “a lot of oomph” and there was “a real sense that something needs to be done” with the backstop. “We can’t get it through Parliament as it is,” he added.

The backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement negotiated between Brussels and former Prime Minister Theresa May, which has been rejected by Parliament three times. Boris Johnson stressed that he can do all to negotiate the agreement but insisted that the UK will exit on 31 October with or without a deal. 

Meanwhile, the opposition parties, labor, and several Conservative MPs have promised to do everything to prevent a no-deal. According to them the Brexit without a deal may damage the economy and cause widespread disruption to several areas including travel and food supply. 

Some of the Tories have also claimed that would rather bring down their own government than seeing no deal happen. Ahead of the meeting, Ms. Merkel said that the backdrop was a position of last resort and once “a practical solution” was found for the Irish border which allows trade and secures the Good Friday Agreement, it would not be needed.

She hinted that there would be no revise to the withdrawal agreement. The meeting of the two leaders is going to be the first in a series of talks with EU leaders. Johnson will visit Paris on Thursday to meet French President Emmanuel Macron. On Saturday, he will attend the g7 summit with a number of world leaders along with US President Donald Trump. 

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