As the forensic team are probing the suspected property in the hunting mission for searching the body of the missing real estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, the owner of the house is facing third-time hardcore police activity in Birmingham.

The real estate agent, Ms Suzy Lamplugh disappeared in 1986 in July at the age of 25. Police are searching at the suspected house in Sutton Coldfield focusing on the area to the backside garden.

The owner of the suspected home bought this house on the Shipton Road from the mother of John Cannan, the prime suspect of this murder case. Although police did not get any trace of the body of Ms Lamplugh, she was declared as dead in 1994 assuming that she had been murdered.

Mr Carey of 52 years old told BBC that he needed to discuss with police if he and his family should move out from the semi-detached house.

According to him, police are searching the body of Ms Suzy, focussing on the underneath concrete where a garage stood once. Mr Carey said that the police pulled down the iron structure.

The officials of the West Midlands force has supported the Metropolitan Police who is leading the operation.

A former Met Police Deputy Chief inspector named Jim Dickie who led a review of the entire missing case in 2000, told in the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC that police were working on the new evidence.

Before of her mysterious disappearance, Ms Lamplugh went to meet a client in Fulham who is known as Mr Kipper and police never got any trace of him.

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