Sources said, senior Tories, seeking to block a no-deal Brexit, are investigating a radical plan involving Queen. The top officials in the rebel group are worried over the fact that the next prime minister could ignore the will of parliament that they have discussed a scheme to ask the Queen to intervene.

Amid the inflamed atmosphere at Westminster, these Conservatives are thinking of holding a vote on a parliamentary device known as a humble address to the Queen. If passed, the address would say that if the new prime minister ignored a vote rejecting no deal, the Queen will be asked to use her right as head of state to visit the upcoming EU summit. After that, she will urge for an extension to the Article 50 process.

As per the rules of the European Union, a head of state or head of government usually represent the member states at meetings of the European Council. The Queen is the UK’s head of state. However, the fact was also considered that no European monarch has ever formally represented their country at an EU summit.

The move is being considered one of the most extraordinary political steps in her 67-year reign. The rules of Britain’s constitutional monarchy say the Queen should be kept out of the political area. The request to the Queen to attend the summit is probably regarded as a violation of the unwritten rules.

However, the Tory rebels have expressed their fear regarding this about a Boris Johnson premiership. One Tory at the heart of planning to block no-deal told sources, “The problem is, what if Boris is so aggressive to the EU that Macron leads a charge to say just let the UK go? So even if Parliament votes to block no-deal it could still happen.

“One option is a humble address to Her Majesty. You would ask humbly that Her Majesty requests an extension to Article 50. If that went through that would be seen as an instruction to her first minister. But what if the new prime minister refused to enact the humble address?” he asked.

“Under EU law only two representatives of a member state can attend and negotiate on behalf of a member state at the European Council: head of government or head of state. So we could simply request that the Queen goes and submits the request for the extension,” the Tory added.

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