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After the legislation was discussed by the government, a multi-billion pound renovation of the Parliament has proceeded one step closer. Potential efforts to keep secure the historic palace of Westminster have been given fresh momentum by the ruinous blaze at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in last month in Paris. MPs from all parties have raised the voice of fears of a similar disaster unrolling at Westminster as the state of the 19th-century building and the high risk of fire. Some 66 incidents along with a potential cause of the serious fire have been documented from 2008, with out-dated safety systems recommending round-the-clock patrols to highlight the signs of a blaze.

The Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom said, “ events like the terrible fire at Notre-Dame bring home to us sharply the importance of preserving our historic buildings.

The Palace of Westminster recognized the world over as a symbol of democracy, must be restored for future generations.”

He also added, “ this bill ensures the vital work needed to protect its future will happen in the most efficient way with the expertise we need, proper structures in place and making sure we deliver the best possible value for taxpayers’ money.”

The Parliamentary Buildings Bill will set up a responsive structure for the £4bn project, which chiefly involves getting rid of old pipes and torn wiring to replace them with updated facilities for safety.

A sponsor administration comprised of MPs looks keenly and the external members will act as the client for the work, on behalf of parliament.

A delivery authority, similar to the organization invented to deliver the 2012 London Olympics, will resume the renovation and be supervised by the funding body.

Appointing for the delivery authority can begin once the bill passes the second reading in the Commons, which is assumed to happen in the coming weeks.

The administration can initiate working on a business case, which will provide the full details of the workings and expenses to be registered by the MPs in 2021.

At a similar point in the mid-2020s, MPs are assumed to be “ decanted ” to Richmond House, the former Home of the Department of Health. The Lords will shift to the Queen Elizabeth II Center in Parliament Square.

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