Official Asked UK Foreign Secretary Not To Use China In Leadership Bid - TNBC UK

On Thursday, the Foreign Ministry urges the UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt not to use China in his election campaign to become the next Prime Minister by “speaking unduly” about the nation.

China has attacked Mr. Hunt for his comment on protest in the ex-British colony of Hong Kong, which returned in 1997 to Chinese rule, acknowledged him “shameless” for warning of consequences if China has forsaken commitments to basic freedom. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Hunt claims that nations that restrict media freedom must pay for the diplomatic price, as the UK Foreign Secretary warned about poor situation in China and elsewhere.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson of Beijing said that he was unaware of the latest comments of Mr. Hunt on China. 

Geng Shuang told sources, “But I’ve noticed the competition for the leadership of the Conservative Party at the moment in Britain.”

“I know that many people are working for the leadership of the Conservative Party, and then become Britain’s new prime minister,” he added. 

He continued that “this an internal affair for Britain. But I hope that certain people in Britain, including Mr. Hunt, during the election don’t speak unduly about China, hoping to use this to get votes for their election, or in service of it.”

Mr. Hunt is the underdog in the race to succeed ongoing Prime Minister Theresa May, faces off against former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

China and Britain have discussed about a recent “golden era” in ties, but it has been disrupted by arguments over debate South China Sea, in which Britain has sailed a warship in 2018 close to Chinese-occupied islands and over protests in Hong Kong against now-shelved extradition bill.

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