According to the new report, the EU workers will be provided “no preference” for visas for coming to the UK after Brexit. According to the recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee, it should be more trouble-free for efficient workers to travel to the country.

It has procured on the government to wash out a limit on the highly efficient workers together, recently 20,700 per year for them from non-EU countries.

The committee got affirmation from more than 400 government and industry department, business after their order to do research in July of 2017 by Amber Rudd the Home Secretary of that time.

It is assumed that the report will form the post-Brexit immigration plans by the government.

The provisional report of the committee which was published in March showed that the employers were frightened about the future levies after Brexit, the EU migrants will have to confront being more inspired and flexible than the UK-born workers.

The current ratio shows that total movement from the EU was at its base level since 2012 with the number of EU residents coming to search for work down by a third to 37,000 and totally net-net immigration at 282,000.

The government wants to reduce the entire migration to the tens of the thousands. Last month the syndicate of British Industry told net migration goal should be discarded after Brexit and returned with a system that verifies people coming to the UK make a positive donation to the economy.

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