The next prime minister of Britain, Boris Johnson will be heading to Downing Street taking over the responsibility from Theresa May. On Wednesday afternoon the new Conservative leader will be taking the office following a meeting with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

He is likely to announce a batch of senior cabinet posts and also chancellor of the exchequer and the home secretary, after getting into the office. Sources close to Mr. Johnson have expressed their hope that his top team will reflect “modern Britain”. The new PM may increase the number of women in full cabinet positions and boost the representation of ethnic minorities.

In a ballot of Troy, Mr. Johnson achieved victory over Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. In the poll, Johnson achieved the votes of 92,153 members of the Conservative party which is 66.4% while Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt won 46,656 votes. 

However, it is being said that conversations are “ongoing” between Mr. Haunt and Mr. Johnson about the next role of Mr. Hunt. Laura Kuenssberg, a political editor remarked she understood Mr. Johnson is resolute that Mr. Hunt should not stay on at the Foreign Office. She also said that Mr. Hunt is firm that he will not agree to accept any other role except his present role, considering other moves a demotion.

Mr. Johnson after his victory said that his priorities are to deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. After accepting the Queen’s invitation to form a government, he will be addressing the country for the first time outside Downing Street near about 16.00 BST. It will be after Theresa May formally gives her resignation as Prime Minister at Buckingham Palace. 

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