Negative Impact of Severe Workloads Affecting the Mental Health of The Employees - TNBC UK

Most of the people who suffer from stress due to continuous depressive mood and high anxiety had not clearly informed their employer about their problems.

People generally hide their sufferings from the fear of unemployment, as well as shame.

Natalie Hunt of 34 belonging from Salford, acquired her first job at the age of 18. She plays a role of serving customers in a departmental store but this role seemed to her extremely frustrating.

In her word, “ It was dealing with complaints and helping people with queries. I would have anxiety and depression as a teenager and the full time job me really anxious. I began to get shy and withdrawn, going more and more into myself and was worried about having a panic attack at work. Colleagues started to notice and eventually, my  boss wanted a word.”

In the words of Natalie, the employer was unaware of the solution for managing this kind of critical stress problems. She was also deprived of any support. Later she joined at college with art course.

Currently, she works in a consultancy and treats the people suffered from mental problems. She also works in an office as a part-timer.

According to the opinion of Natalie, the supportive atmosphere of the workplaces definitely helps in the stress management in the professional hours. She added, “ I first started back in the workplace with a bit of voluntary work in a charity shop, which was great. Because it was voluntary and part-time, I did not feel pressured and it helped me to regain some confidence. That was when I was 20. Now I run my own art classes for people with mental health conditions. It’s lovely to be making a difference.

Mind told in a statement that almost 300, 000 people are fired from their job due to a severe mental condition every year. The mental conditions of the employees are terribly affected due to the damaging impact of severe workload along with the cunning politics of management in the workplace.


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