Meghan Presents Her Welly-Wanging Skills in her New Zealand Tour - TNBC UK

At the current stop of her 16 days long first official tour with Prince Harry in Auckland in the north of the New Zealand City, Meghan Markle showcased her skills in the boot throwing competition in which the competitors have to throw Wellington boots, as far as possible.

The pair were engaged with the competing teams and Meghan appeared in a victorious mood while she has thrown her welly a meter closer to the target than Prince Harry. The Royal pair were also been in Tonga and Fagi of Australia on their first official tour. The Royal Couple reached in New Zealand on Sunday.

Nelson Poll of 11 years old young individual taught the Royal pair Meghan and Prince Harry welly-wanging. He said: ”I think Harry’s technique was better, it was straightforward instead of going at an angle”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in their Royal official tour in New Zealand. This Royal couple performed a greeting ritual ‘hongi’ in which Maori greeting has been involved with the nose-touching practices. The Duchess of Sussex also admired the constitutional convention of New Zealand as they have shown a unique protocol to the world in which they allowed the women to vote.

At the evening event Meghan t0ld, “Bravo New Zealand, for championing this right 125 years ago for the women who well deserve to have an active voice and an acknowledge vote”.

This Royal couple started the southern hemisphere tour two weeks ago through the announcement that they were expecting a child.

The royal pair also introduced Invictus Games of this year, which is a multi-gaming event and also established by the prince for aiding the personnel of wounded services and the knives through making the scope for their psychological and physical rehabilitation.

The final stop of the Duke and Duchess of the Sussex will be the city of the north island of New Zealand land named Rotorua.

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