Leave Supporters who Forced Millions into Campaign Think UK Will Ditch Brexit - TNBC UK

Two Brexiteers who drove millions of pounds to leave campaigns between them thought plans to exit the EU will be deserted by the Government. Billionaire Peter Hargreaves, one of the biggest donors to the 2016 leave campaign, and the military personnel encircled fund manager Crispin Odey stated both that they think there will be no Brexit.

72 years old Mr Hargreaves said, “I have totally given up. I am totally in despair, I don’t think Brexit will happen at all ”. The Brexiteer is one of the wealthiest men of Britain and contributed  3.2 million pounds for leaving the campaign.

He added, “They (pro-Europeans) are banking on the fact that people are so fed up with it that will just say ‘sod it we will stay’. I do see that attitude. The problem is when something doesn’t happen for so long you feel less angry about it. ”

Contributing more than 870,000 pounds for the pro-leaders group Mr Odey said that while he did not trust a second poll will acquire the place, he can’t think either Brexit happen. He said, “My view is that it ain’t going to happen ” and “I just can’t see how it happens with that configuration of parliament. ”

Mr Odey, who runs his hedge his quick set fund Odey Asset Management, told is now placing for the pound to bold, after his flagship sponsor reaped previously the benefit of gambling against UK assets amid wider market terrors about the consequences of Brexit.

The comments of the pair, release among the standoff in Parliament over the gateway deal that Prime Minister Theresa May has hit with EU.



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