Labour MPs have instigated the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn on hostility after an attempt by the general secretary of the party to deactivate the latest row failed badly. Jennie Formby bent the pressure of responsibility from Labour MPs to disclose the number of complaints of hostility the party has accepted and the disciplinary action taken against those who discovered guilty. She told that only 12 among 673 complaints have sequences in which the members have been expelled, almost a third of the cases were decreased without further action and only 42 were mentioned to the disciplinary body of the party.

But her structure was immediately challenged by critics of Jeremy Corbyn and many MPs were also inflamed that she was not able to attend a meeting of the parliamentary Labour Party to respond to questions.

Within the meeting hours, seven Labour MPs directed by leading Jewish members Dame Louise Ellman and Dame Margaret Hodge informed to Mr. Corbyn claiming answers to eight questions within 48 hours.

The MPs told Mr. Corbyn: “The failure to respect the request for this simple information does nothing to dispel the accusation that Labour is an institutionally antisemitic organization. ”

The latest confrontation disclosed after a bitter row of PLP meeting in the last week while MS Formby inflamed MPs by declining to reveal the total information of hostility complaints and investigations.

A motion directing her to return with the information in this week was passed unitedly, but instead of presenting the person she sent a letter to the Labour MPs in just 90 minutes before the meeting. During the PLP conference, the leading Jewish MPs, including Dame Louise and Luciana Berger interpreted the examples of the ruthless personal attacks on them.

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